I closed my eyes and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I  was dancing with  someone who made me, as we danced slowly, feel so connected physically.  Our bodies brushed against each other as  we moved together, barely turning, but holding each other as if we never wanted to let go.  

His arm was clasped tightly  around my waist  as we swayed in sync.  My head pressed against his chest and our hands and arms held together in proper waltz form until we could stand it no longer…We looked at each other and he released me and both arms came around my waist. I stood on my toes and placed both arms around his neck. Now we were cheek to cheek. I could feel his breath on my neck. His arms tightened around my waist.

Our bodies were pressed together and we moved as one.  The connection was perfectly fit. I could feel my heart beat faster.  I remember the connection was as if we were plugged into the same socket. It was a perfect connection. 


He lifted his head away from mine then leaned in towards my lips.  A touch of our lips meeting for the first time was as light as a feather and brief. His lips were moist and tasted as sweet as honey and our lips had just touched briefly. ..we separated our bodies momentarily and looked into each others eyes. Like magnets we were drawn back together.

His lips touched mine again. This  time he just  pressed his lips ever so lightly on my bottom lip…a light kiss. He drew me near again, our bodies pressed together. He leaned down  and landed his lips directly on mine, and I responded. We pressed together fully embracing each other once again with lips locked together..  I I had heard the term “lip lock”, but had not  known the meaning until then.

He held me tighter.  We kissed and kissed and kissed.  Our breaths, our bodies, our living souls became one for a time.  The world could have stopped around us, the earth could have shook and the music ceased.  We could not.  Our arms kept trying to hold each other tighter and tighter.  

It was forever. It was but a moment in time. 

I heard someone brush by us and whisper in his ear, “Keep your timber limber son.” I had no idea what that meant at the time! He released his arms from my waist,  and there we stood holding hands.  We had not realized the music had stopped and everyone was standing there looking at us. We both smiled.  Then we looked at each other and began to laugh….which started everyone laughing!

We clasped hands.  A light kiss and then we said good night. It was  magical moments in time.

When I got home I told my mama about the evening, just as I have written it.  I ended the story with “Kissing – yum yum!” She looked at me smiled and said, “Go to bed.” 

Years later she shared her thoughts with me about  that night so long ago.  You were crazy about that boy, and when you told me about  that first kiss and the feelings you had,  all I could do shake my head and say to myself – “God help me, I am in trouble now.! This is my fourth grade daughter’s response to her first kisses at a birthday party!” 



The Invasion from the South

You hear it all.  “They are people trying to escape violence for their children.”  “They are coming for the American Dream.”  Etc. etc. etc.

This is too important not to post.  This is TRULY an invasion from the south.  Whether you lean “far left” or “far right” – or somewhere in between:  think of YOUR children, your grandchildren, your friends and neighbors.  When you take a few minutes to think intelligently, putting emotions to the side, the exercise of the Southern American is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!    I will list just a few reasons to stop feeling bad for them, and start thinking of YOU family and the repercussions of allowing them entry.

  1.  Diseases that have long been managed are reappearing already and I believe with immigrants and illegals who have not been vaccinated, they are a huge source of manifestation to the real world.  Think of aides, polio, measles, mumps, V.D. and more.  Did you know in the 1800’s measles wiped out a million people?
  2. These people will be breaking the law immediately upon arrival.
  3. Who will feed, house, and clothe them, and treat them medically? We still have so many children and elderly who are poor and hungry in the states.
  4. Who will pay to FEED, CLOTHE, and HOUSE these thousands of people?
  5. A reporter asked where they were going, and two words they knew in English:  Tijuana and Texas.  Thats it.
  6. Imagine you see hundreds of people invading your property and town – overrunning it.  Immediately they will have to begin to “take things” – to “feed the children, of course.”
  7. Because they are South Americans, mostly they have VERY dark hair and Dark skin.  A situation that makes it very easy for “enemies” to join in and come right into our nation.  He just flew into Mexico and got dirty and scruffy – and walked right in. We had no idea he would bomb the building.”
  8. Speaking of bombs – the bombs were ANOTHER diversion to the real problem of the caravan coming.  Just like with the judge – if this woman wanted to keep it a secret why did she go right to a Senator (and the senator hold the letter)….
  9. Now the question WHO ARRANGED AND PAID FOR THE CARAVAN TO GET STARTED?  A pretty amazing happening…who fed them and kept them going so long?

I am sure there are many more reasons to HALT these people and turn them around.  3,000-4,000 people (to any country in the world) – would be an “INVASION.”

DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PUT AMERICA AND EVERY ONE YOU KNOW AT A HIGH RISK FOR ALL THESE THINGS?  I am a humanist. I have compassion, abundant love, and sympathy for mostly everyone.  However, I AM NOT DUMB!

Re-read these thoughts and ask yourself these questions honestly (trump hater or trump lover) – THIS IS AMERICA, OUR COUNTRY – WE MUST PROTECT IT.

One last question:  Do you think our governor, our senators, actually anyone who owns even one acre of land…..if you wouldn’t be angry, scared, and confused if people started climbing your fences..  I WOULD – and I GUARANTEE – it wouldn’t happen!

Truth or Tale?